Yunsun Chung-Shin and Joanne Renux were invited to facilitate ANA=NAHNU WORKSHOP for IB/CAS students at GIN (Global Issue Network) February 18-20, 2016. GIN is all about ‘it's a global network that revolves around nurturing and mobilizing transgenerational communities, particularly young global citizens to build a just and sustainable present’.

ANA=NAHNU (ME=WE) Creative Confidence Workshop

What is the workshop about? Today’s young people can develop the confidence to transform their world and understand who they are to chart extraordinary futures. Recognizing the tremendous challenges and opportunities, this workshop offers a space to consider how you might discover a creative engine within and start building a friendly relationship with the community around you. What happens when the word ‘ME’ is flipped upside down? It introduces participants to the concept of understanding who they are in order to relate to others and global issues. Through a sequence of interactive activities, we aim to create a safe and unconventional environment that is conducive to youth empowerment and creativity.