INNOVATION INITIATIVE (IN) is an intended research cluster project at Zayed University, aiming to create a model for youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, and social innovation. This initiative is a grassroots effort for youth to find their passion and purpose that leads to co-creating community service projects. It seeks innovative ideas and actions through empathic needs-finding, inclusive idea generation, co-developing ideas and experimental prototyping, and inviting stakeholders’ involvement. It aims to maximize our effort as working closely co-designing the sustained impacts with the community. As the first flagship project, UAE-Nepal-Connect (UNC), aims to work with UAE and Nepali youth to co-create community service projects related to renewable energy in Nepal.


1) Methodology Development

ANA=NAHNU(ME=WE) is a core concept of understanding the symbiotic relationship between self and society by understanding of a personal growth can lead to creative confidence and empowerment contributing to society. Youth are able to channel their energy to create an impact whether positive or negative. They can strengthen their paths of self-discovery by connecting their passions to paths of service, which leads to self-empowerment and contributes through collective effort to positive social change. This concept is based on the belief that 1) youth have transformative power within and 2) generating transformative power within youth is interlinked with sustaining growth for society.


2) Workshop Development

INNOCO WORKSHOP SERIES is designed to enable youth to become Social Entrepreneurs and/or Community Building Facilitators to implement service projects offering an opportunity to consider some questions such as Who am I? What am I trying to do? How am I going to contribute to society? Initially it will be conducted for UNC (UAE-NEPAL-CONNECT), a flagship project of IN (INNOVATION INITIATIVE). It is about building confidence, learning tools, and delivering a service project in a community. It offers 4 Workshops: Creative Confidence (CONSIDER), Building Toolbox (LEARN), Building Prototype (MAKE), and Becoming Facilitators (TRAIN/PLAN).