Hello Cluster Members! 

We trust you all had a great holiday and your energy is recharged by now and are ready for the New Day & New Challenge. 💪🏻 And finally after the long break we are meeting again on 21Jan. at 10:00 am at Sheraa  :)))) ✨✨

Below list, is an overview of your projects and ideas: Some of you exactly know what you want, few need more assistance, while others still are in the thinking process. We trust you will all will find your path and your desired project by the end of the program. Do Not Worry but Keep Strong, and Remember All The Meaningful Project Need True Passion and Hard Work.

Team A
Amjaad: Youth Facilitator. 
Hassan: Amateur cook & organic farming.
Khalid: Pickup Bites- control food wastage in hostility industry. 
Khadijah: The idea still in thinking stage.

Team B
Muskaan: Plastic Resource Efficiency.
Ibrahim: Amateur cook & organic farming.
Khalid: Emergency Evacuation System.

Team C
Muhzim: Environment or Food.
Atef: Travel and Pollution. 
Noora: Greeting Card Service.
Mazoon:The idea still in thinking stage.

Team D
Nouhad: Electricity-Garbage-Waste Management.
Sajeda: Mobilizing differently abled persons .
Rua: Zero-Waste.
Shaheed: Construction workers.
Yaya: The idea still in thinking stage.

Team E
Ahmed: Pickup Bites- control food wastage in hospitality industry. 
Afra: Organic Food. 
Ali: Youth Productivity. 

For next session, Jan 21, we are expecting from each innovator ‘3min Process Presentation’ about your project. The presentation should cover main 3 aspects, that you had already completed it in the first section in your workbook. 
1- Ground work (what why how) & research (case study)
2- Development process. (including defined idea with POV, evidence or interviews, prototype if you had did). 
3- What’s next and what’s needed

After this session you will have one week to complete any missing aspects. In the following workshops we will work on VPD and BMC with experts. 

You have a week to be ready for the presentation, please contact your facilitator, should you have any questions. We are looking forward to assisting your preparation this coming week.

Best of luck in presentation preparation. We are ready to be impressed  :))))