Kudos for innovators who are aggressively moving forward regardless of any obstacles around your path to become social entrepreneurs. Your resilient spirit to learn and humble attitude of learning shine through. 

Great job of participating productive sessions with Dr. Petar and also bravely presenting your ideas. Our big thanks to our generous mentor, Petar! 

@WS 2.2 Attendees: Would you share your reflection on today session and next steps here in this chat? 

This is a good summary of what we discussed today: https://youtu.be/JjDRNGGsiEk

UYC entered next phase by identifying content based learning teams. If you don't know which team you belong to, please consult with your team facilitator. 

As for the session today and next steps, Joanne will provide an instruction. WS 3.1 is one day intensive bootcamp to take your project to next level with invited guest facilitator, Amin Matni, project manager at Qatar Biz Incubation Center. 

May the force be with you, who sincerely believe that we can change the world one heart at a time