Good Morning! Welcome to Workshop 2.1 Virtual Session! Trust that you are enjoying weaving your story of a hero's journey. Today is very special that we will be all going through super challenging day to complete our tasks. Please accept the challenge and write 'YES' if you are ready to join us in this exciting short 120 min marathon.

1) Use the UYC Workbook Template as a guide to fill your individual workbook files. [Joanne & Shrin will go through all your files and format. This will be ready by 2pm today. So please work on it after 2pm] 
2) Refine and polish the 4 worksheets: 1) Interview & POV, 2) Problem Definition 3)Persona & 4) Story mapping
4) Continue to construct 'How might we Question' for your project. 
5) For those who have already completed the above, brainstorm on first draft of BMC & VPD.

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR ATTENDANCE. I will send you all an email later today to summarise all that we did. We had to cancel the group skype session due to time and therefore your team facilitator will be in contact shortly. Have a great day.