September 2016

We begun this journey in 2015 and with gracious people engaging in INNOCO's vision we are building upon the strength of our community in the UAE and internationally. This has enabled us to extend our learning and interaction to Nepal this summer, having completed UAE/Nepal/Connect 2016 (UNC) camp in Kathmandu and launching the Nepal Youth Cluster (NYC).

Entries of a Life-Enthusiast

by Sara Shedid
INNOCO Workshop Facilitator

How we started working on UNC? There is nothing as a coincidence. We live in a perfectly organized chaotic world. My heart called for a project that would be fully focused on the youth and serving the community, and the universe heard me. Knowing that my friend, Donya, had a similar calling, I asked her to join. And Voila! A fast-paced preparation for INNOCO's first project- UAE/Nepal/Connect.

We all believed in the initiative with a very pure intention; to share INNOCO's vision for youth to be empowered with the hope of building a youth cluster and fostering an understanding of innovation, social enterprise and community building through ME=WE. We left for Nepal with our own presumptions but came across really supportive and essential NGO's, youth and communities, who added value to the camp. We realized that the Nepali youth have so much potential and knowledge to share that they brought the best out of us. Each camp day ended with a group reflection that always turned out to be very emotional.

Though they were only 6 days, the closing ceremony reflected  the connection made between UAE and Nepali people. The flowing tears and hugs, the love-filled gifts, and the formation of the Nepal Youth Cluster said it all. 

We are now excited to launch the UAE Youth Cluster and work together with NYC to co-design and innovate change for the UNC Bootcamp 2017.

I wish anyone reading this love, light and inspiration to build a better world.

The Voice

by Prachi Badu
UNC2016 Camp youth participant in Nepal

While reaching Pasa Yard on 30 July evening, I was a stranger to all and they were strangers to me. However, on 4 August while returning home, I had 19 new mates and 5 new foreign friends.

I felt privileged to have learnt the things I did with such amazing facilitators. From describing ourselves in three words, to visiting two social enterprises, it was a learning platform for us to engage in a lot of things. Being a Nepali, I had not received a chance to meet Mr. Prashant Singh (HCI) or Dr. Mahabir Pun (Nepal Connection) until now. Our creativity, curiosity and higher ambitions were given a re-birth. SWOT analysis, reflection sessions, Pasa Yard Challenge, group research about world’s famous social entrepreneur’s, presentations, interaction with street vendors, building up our hero and every other single moment we spent at the camp was a reservoir of knowledge that we drew a lot out of it.

The gratitude part among all others was my personal favourite. With that session I always felt a myself as luckiest to have got a family, few loved friends, opportunities, food on my table and roof over my head. Nobody ever made me feel so special about myself ever before.

On the Ground

by Donya Saberi
INNOCO Research Assistant

INNOCO’s visit to Nepal coincided with Leadership Corner’s (LC) 2 days outdoor program in Kakani , which allowed  INNOCO to introduce the program and interact with participants in an existing youth leadership program. This was followed by 4 days in Kathmandu at Pasa Yard with 19 selected youths from various organisations such as LC, CHOICE and VIN , which was also start to UNC CAMP 2016. The camp was a platform which allowed for a practical exploration of social entrepreneurship and innovation into practice.

Prior to the ending of the camp , all the 19 participants decided that Nepal Youth Cluster (NYC)  is needed and the team was formed by 7 core members and 12 supportive members. INNOCO and LC  decided to take on the role of advisors as LC’s Involvement led by Abdus Miya was instrumental and enriching, which also led to LC being identified as INNOCO’s key partner .VIN and CHOICE will also  continue to work with INNOCO in order prepare UNC 2017 and support NYC.

UNC Camp 2016 successfully came to an end as a cluster was formed , partnerships were developed and the Mentorship Network has started forming with Dr. Mahabi Pun from Nepal Connection, Mr. Prashant Singh from HCI, Mr. Tsewang from Nepal Adventure, Mr. Pradeep and Benod from Pasa Yard, Mr. Bijay and Samrat from Hands-On Institute, and Central College as a potential academic partner.

Words of Wisdom

by Yunsun Chung-Shin

I have seen pure golden smiles, heartfelt expressions, and honest gestures and supreme empathy all around here in Pasa yard, mountain, learning sites with your future mentors and on the street.
I have seen genuine excitement of making some else happy.
I have seen humble posture of learning.   
I have seen passion to heal the society wanting to roll your sleeves and lift the weight from others.  
I also have seen a glimpse of how these gems of youth will make this region green and fertile leading to change the world. More importantly I have seen a brevity of touching humanity without a second of hesitation.

What's Next

INNOCO strives to empower youth to be leaders and community-builders. INNOCO means INNOVATION CO-DESIGNING through Connection + Collaboration + Contribution, which is based on the core value of ‘ME=WE’ transformative relationship. We help youth become Social Entrepreneurs, Facilitators and/or Community builders. The youth who participate in our workshop and activity programs become more self-aware, empathetic, and proactive in their own lives. They practice bottom-up social innovation working closely with like-minded people who are connected locally, regionally and globally for social good.

We are CALLING OUT for Youth /Collaborators /Mentors in the UAE as we begin our UAE program in October 2016. 

CALL OUT TO UAE YOUTH / If you are inclined to learn, empathise with problems, seek solutions through social enterprise or community projects, register on our website for further information and workshop details. 

CALL OUT TO MENTORS / If you are a professional or expert in a field and you are able to  volunteer a percentage of your time to share your knowledge/skill as a guest speaker, facilitator during a workshop or guide youth in the development of their projects/ ideas, please send us an email (hi@innoco.co) with your CV and details.

CALL OUT TO COLLABORATORS / If you are part of an Organisation/NGO/Group that is interested in partnering with INNOCO and see the potential in sharing resources for the benefit of the youth and society, please email (hi@innoco.co) us a brief proposal with contact details to begin a discussion.