We are excited to announce the launch of Nepal Youth Cluster (NYC)! It was an unanimous vote by the 19 youth participants of UNC2016Camp to form a cluster that would help them continue their learning in social entrepreneurship, facilitation and community building with the guidance of INNOCO (UAE) and Leadership Corner (Nepal).  

The team is graced with the following members taking on various roles and responsibilities:

Prachi Badu / Operation Management

"Society is for the youth and youth are for the welfare of society. This is the belief we have grown up with. I have always been in search of an opportunity to contribute to my society in one or other way. On the way, I found being a NYC core team member as a good platform to contribute. To bring into action the belief I have grown up with."

Bijay Sunar / Project Lead

"When there is a will there is a way. I have  an interest to help build my nation through entrepreneurship. Now I have a platform where I can start; by starting with myself. As I learned how much value ME=WE has; if I have some qualities to lead and build my experience and knowledge, then I need to seize the oppurtunity."

Monica Amatya / Finance Management & Research+Development

"The future of the country depend on youths like us. Opportunity can be created here which could bring a sustainable development. Thus being a core member I would be able to work directly with the youths in the community and be able to lead as well as initiate projects and learning."

Shaheera Pandey / Communication Coordinator

"I believe that to bring change in society, one has to bring change in oneself first. I would like to initiate the change from myself in order to bring the change in society. It’s my ambition to see youths of all social and cultural backgrounds participate fully in the upliftment and development of society through community building and social entrepreneurship."

Bhumika Basnet / Marketing Coordinator

"Youth are the future of the nation and through their effort a small change will lead to the development of a country. Being an energetic youth, I want to work on  youth engagement and empowerment activities. I would like to learn and gain experience on organizing events, build network and connections, boost skills i.e. leadership, personal development, professional, organizational etc.  By contributing to NYC Ibelieve that it will help me to  become a social entrepreneur in future."

Saroj Basnet / Human Resource Manager

"I want to be a NYC core team member so that I can improve my leadership qualities and lead our cluster to achieve our vision. Our short term vision is to do 2017 boot camp where we learn and generate ideas about social enterprise; and the long term vision is to convert that idea into real social enterprises and community building projects in Nepal." 

Basanta Ghimire / Executive Chief

"Youth are the pillars of the nation. They are filled with tremendous and towering ambitions. It will be a great wastage of human resources if these youth are not given an opportunity to exercise their talent. To bring change in the society/nation youth should be empowered. I would like to be a part of the NYC core member to boost up my capabilities, to motivate, to provide proper guidance and direction that can bring the youth in forefront of national development."