From the desktop of Monica Amatya, Kathmandu, Nepal


With the alarm of the weather challenges, the day was started. It was 21st September 2016, The International Peace Day. The very day our team, Nepal Youth Cluster planned to take its first step to the social world. And alas the day started with the heavy rain in Kathmandu. Checking on the weather forecast, we were disappointed as it clearly stated the chances of heavy rainfall and thunderstorm at around 5 pm which was exactly the time duration of our program. Keeping on the positive side and hoping and praying that the Nepal forecast (like always) be proved wrong, our team started preparing for the banners and other operations.

Its said that when you have a will, nothing can ever stop you. And since it was a program for a noble cause I guess even the coin was on our side. At around 3pm, with the rise of the sunshine for the day, the hope and the confidence for the program emerged among every members. Everyone was seen with full energy and enthusiasm for the program. And as the time got closer to scheduled one, every member were seen busy doing their parts of job done perfectly though the atmosphere was  filled with tensions, nervousness and insecurities to some extend too. Some were busy with the outline designs of Buddha’s eye to reflect peace, some busy with the audience and volunteers, some were busy handling the crowd. And the final moment arrives where the program had to officially begin which was scheduled by the inauguration by the Lama’s of the Stupa.

The Candle Lighting Program was organized by the Cluster for the purpose of remembering and praying for the peace of departed souls of many innocent people who lost their lives in Earthquake last year in Nepal and in many countries around the world, those who were killed in many terrorist attacks taken place recently in different cities of the world, and many other people who have died in many uncertain reasons. With this we were planning to have a small video session on “Whom do you want to make peace with today?” The main motive of our program was to bring an impact for PEACE. Every individual in their life time till today, may have had faced irrepressible situations where they may have had unsettled issues or personal grudges with someone. Thus we planned to bring an impact from the individual level considering bringing peace and maintaining it between the people by encouraging them to open up with their thoughts.

Well it was so heartfelt moment for NYC to see so many people excited about the program. We could feel the heat of enthusiasm for contribution among the crowd. It would be unfair for us to tell that since we had not managed any sound system for the program, it may have created little trouble to the people for hearing. And moreover what could go even worse when you have a flash mob program going by your side with maximum volume. Despite those technical issues, they just cordially supported us. Their serenity, their energy, their faith restored enthusiasm among us. The program was officially inaugurated by the prayer of the Lamas which was then followed by the candle light march around the stupa (Kora in Buddhist term) initiated by the respectable Lamas. The candles were then placed on the drawn outline. Similarly interested people were giving their videos which were properly handled by Mr. Ayush Bista. We were pleased to find people pouring their feelings and suggestions in the video form. The environment there made us completely forget the fact that the program was designed just 2 days before that day. That moment made us realized that all those rush, those hard works, the dedication of the team members did finally paid off.

Thanks to all the team members for their team work, their immense faith, their incessant dedication. Without it, the possibility for the program to gain that hit would have been low. The energy, the positivity, the strength is all that has brought this success. And thanks to INNOCO for resurrecting us and supporting us with positive vibes.