Beginning the day with a refreshing Yoga session, the youth were introduced to the 'Meal Gratitude Jar'. Before every meal during the day, each participant was to write down on a post-it something they are grateful for, to be allowed to proceed with having the meal.

This exercise in particular was very much appreciated by many as it served as a daily reminder of what we are blessed with. After a hearty breakfast, we started our first activity of creating the 'Laws of Land'. The youth, along with Donya and Sara , considered the various laws that would be a 'guiding light' whilst being at the camp. This created an ethical, sustainable and respectful zone. These laws were given the name of 'Land of Transformation' or 'Land of Pariwartan' in Nepali.

Next it was time to get to know each other a little better by creating the UNC profile wall. The youth were creative with a paper plate that illustrated their interests, passion and their expectations from the workshop. Standing in a circle, each participant presented their design and "Checked-IN" to start the learning process with the INNOCO team.

Our first challenge for the youth was: The Pasa Yard Challenge. It was a needs-finding of the place we were living in as the first change you can make, is in your surrounding. Mr Pradip and Mr Vinod, the managing partners from Pasa Yard gave a short presentation about the purpose behind Pasa Yard and their hopes for the place. The youth would spend the next 3 days problem solving innovative solutions as a practical application to their on going learning.

SWOT analysis and Social Entrepreneurship were some of the other activities discussed during the day but 'Hero Journey' was the most popular of the day. The youth were given Lego blocks to physically manifest their inner hero. Learning for the day ended with a reflection session of everyone gathering to relate what learning impacted them and what it meant to them. However, this was no means an end to the night. 

When strangers come together and care about celebrating a fellow participants birthday, that is true celebration of the human spirit. The 18 youth gathering their resources and co-designed a heartwarming celebration with cake, decorations, gifts, music and dancing in true Nepali style. This was the beginning of a 'family' being formed.