It was an early start at 7am with a cup of Nepali tea, standing on the Kakani hills and  watching the youth wake up or come back from their morning walks. This was a cherished moment as the day would prove to be active, adventurous and emotional. 

LC began the day with outdoor activities that lead to a hike through the hills and then to a climbing wall. This was a great way for the youth to begin realising their potential and trusting their instincts with others in the team. INNOCO re-enforced this learning through the 'Mobius Strip', where we began to draw the connection between "ME" to "WE" and how our actions have a continuous impact on society. This was followed by the 'Billboard Challenge', which involved creating a poster to tackle a societal concern; whilst imagining it would  be placed in one of the busiest streets of Kathmandu. 

The Leadership Outdoor programme came to an end in Kakani by 5pm with some heartfelt good-byes and energy in our hearts, as we headed back to Kathmandu with 19 of the youth to continue our UNC2016 Camp. 

Arriving at Pasa Yard, Patan, the 19 Nepali youth participants and 5 UAE team members enjoyed a hearty dinner together, followed by inspiring video's of innovation. This was to set the tone for the next four days where the magic would happen and the INNOCO-UNC journey would truly begin.