Today was a very exciting day for the Youth and the INNOCO team as we embarked on a number of site visits. We had the privilege of meeting with Mr Mahabir Pun, Nepal Connection (NC), Mr Prashant Singh, Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) and also a number of vendors in the local market square of Patan. 

The visit to NC and HCI was very resourceful as the social entrepreneurs discussed their journey and passion, and how they are spearheading real social change and attitudes in communities. We then headed to the market square in Patan, where the youth walked to different street vendors to learn of their perspectives as local entrepreneurs of small businesses and understand sustainability in the real world. 

During the site visits, the youth were to document their findings  in order to analyse them in the coming days at Pasa Yard. The night did end early as the team and youth were quite exhausted given the long day exploring the lives of street vendors and the inspiring stories of Dr Mahabir Pun and Mr Prashant Singh.