Day 6 Today is Robert’s last day with us and we are welcoming a new facilitator: Amin

The arrival of a new facilitator with a new point of view and new knowledge to share is energizing! With the support of INNOCO’s team, the work resumes. In the afternoon, the participants are once again sent in the streets to interview more people and work on their customer segment. Meanwhile, Saroj tries his best to stay still while I struggle to draw a decent version of his face.



I took a break and went outside for an hour in order to enjoy the —almost— cool air. After all the heated, sweaty days that just passed, it felt heavenly and I took advantage of it, drawing the view from the training center. 



Back inside, the participants wrap the work for the day listening to Amin and closely monitored, as always, by Michael and his camera. 



We are all sad to see Rob leave. The NYC organized a very emotional goodbye ceremony with Nepali gifts and Prachi is more than willing to help Rob taking a first bite of his cake! 



Then, we are off to enjoy the evening in one of Thamel’s rooftops, Kathmandu touristic area. Food is great, so is the company and we are all happy to take a break from the training center. 


Three more days to go!



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