Day 5 begins with a reflexion on the notion of value. Some volunteers share personal stories from their perspectives before starting work on their billboard presentations. In turn, they all spoke about the issues close to their heart. No one lacked ideas about how to confidently address and communicate their society’s flaws. 





After —once again!— a Dal Baht lunch, the participants were sent alone on a field trip in the neighborhood. Their goal: interview strangers and pick up relevant informations that may help them progress in their reflexion process. 



We then receive Sundip Paudel, who stayed with us until the end of day, listening and advising the participants on their projects. 




  • Business idea generation and presentation  

  • Billboard challenge

  • Participant are telling their own story (game)

  • Yunsun: Explaining innovation space; emotional innovation (happiness, broad mindedness), process innovation which is continuous, and functional innovation will make experience innovation.  This innovation will help you to create social innovation,

  • Rs. 100 challenge game to all the participants where they learn about the value addition and the tangible and intangible value on their products and  services by approaching to the public.

  • Guest presentation by Mr. Sandip from Helvetas sector assessment plan for development, giving briefing about what Helvetas is doing about its product and services, about social business model canvas how it works ( it is not as hard as it looks), how it add value (from family happiness, contribution to society), finding resources, don’t think it as vague, SBMC is overall summarization of business plan, don’t try make to make people worker rather try to make people entrepreneurs, try to make product at low cost but it should add high value,

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