Thank you

It's our sincere thank you for your support towards UAE-Nepal-Connect (UNC), the first project of INNOCO. We were grateful to have your empathetic presence and collaborative spirit at the closing ceremony. It was an exciting first step in building the Nepal Youth Cluster (NYC) as we are planning UNC 2017.

We are truly encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response to the 6-Day camp and proactive next step forming NYC. It is our joy to recognize that we have started an exciting journey to co-design bottom-up innovation that we can connect-collaborate-contribute to building a platform for youth.

We were successful in delivering the 6-Day Camp and doing onsite research with our 3 Nepal partners and 19 participants from VIN, CHOICE, and Leadership Corner (LC). Here are the few outcomes;

1.      First 2 Days collaboration with LC at Kakani, which enabled us to introduce INNOCO and participate in an existing youth leadership program. It was a great opportunity to witness youth leading other youth building confidence, motivation, and skills towards empowerment. We recognized LC as a key partner in the development of UNC 2017.

2.      UNC 2016 Camp Challenge, Reinventing Pasa Yard: This practical exploration was designed to put the theory of social entrepreneurship and innovation into practice. The participants investigated problems and developed innovative solutions according to the innovation model, which is trying to improve the experience of customers and staffs.  The pitch presentation was well delivered and Pasa yard is looking into realizing one of suggested ideas. This implementation is expected to become a strong case study to start a small scale bottom-up innovation in their living space.

3.      Launching NYC:  Through the unanimous decision by all 19 participants, they decided that NYC is needed and the team was formed by 7 core members and 12 supportive members. It was emphasized that the supportive members are playing a major role as everyone is encouraged to collaborate to mobilize the Nepali youth in their community. NYC will have 2 advisors from INNOCO and LC.

4.      Leadership Corner’s Involvement led by Abdus Miya was instrumental and enriching. LC is identified as the key partner who will work closely with NYC. LC has appointed a NYC advisor. UNC 2017 will be one of LC’s project.

5.      VIN and CHOICE will be continuing to work with INNOCO to prepare UNC 2017 and support NYC.

6.      Mentorship Network has started forming with Dr. Mahabi Pun from Nepal Connection, Mr. Prashant Singh from HCI, Mr. Tsewang from Nepal Adventure, Mr. Pradeep and Benod from Pasa Yard, Mr. Bijay and Samrat from Hands-On Institute, and Central College as a potential academic partner. There will be a follow-up message with more info soon.

7.      Communication Strategy: Among INNOCO, LC and NYC discussed how to communicate and delegate individual/collective tasks. A project management plan was drafted to proceed among INNOCO and NYC team. As of now please visit to communicate with the team, participants, and other collaborators, etc.

Within the next few weeks, we will be in contact to formalize our partnership, roles and responsibilities towards UNC/NYC.

Thank you again for taking the first step with us. We would not have completed UNC 2016 without your heartfelt visionary support.

We are looking forward to having your proactive participation.

Warm regards,