Today was an emotional day which we all expected as it was the end of our UNC2016 camp but a beginning to a great partnership with Nepali youth and collaborators. The day was spent tying up and reflecting on the past 5 days along side looking at the road ahead. The Nepal Youth Cluster (NYC) selected a core team of seven youth and they discussed their roles and communication strategy for the building up of the cluster. This lead to our last meal together prepared by the awesome Pasa Yard staff, Rajesh and Devon. 

To conclude our camp, INNOCO invited VIN, CHOICE, LC, and other collaborators to a closing ceremony to share the journey of the UNC2016 camp and the achievements of the youth participants. We had heartfelt words from Yunsun, encouraging feedback from the partners and collaborators, and NYC passionately discussed their learning and feelings about the 6 day camp. The closing ceremony ended with presenting the partners and the youth with a token of appreciation. After the departure of the guests, the INNOCO team was surprised by the youth as they prepared a thank you ceremony of their own to the INNOCO and LC team. The surprised us by arranging a wonderful cake and gifts for the team. The camp ended with the INNOCO team and youth standing in a circle to "Check out" from the camp and "Check in" to the world with what they had learned and will apply.