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Participants are practicing all day with Amin’s help. They pitch their projects for the first time, collecting helpful comments in order to improve their presentations.




The day ended on a lighter tone. We celebrated Sakshi's birthday and our last evening together. 



Notes by Saroj

Dr. Mahabir Pun visited to listen the participant about their project presentation and gave Feedback:

  • Shashank: problem with his project is weather challenges (project: Honey Keeping)

  • Pragya (related to street dog):  metropolitan city government might help on this problem,

  • Sajana: high potential ( home stay business)

  • Sakshi (women empowerment through Agri by product): marketing very importance for this kind of product, get help from women group and organizations working on this kind of project

  • Prachanda: talk to the city government, maintain existing public toilet

  • Kranti(organic product) : contact with cooperatives for the funding, middleman are the problem, develop your own model

  • Sabana (Are you Ready to Jump related to education): program has to be very creative and innovative, teach for Nepal like organizations are not competitors because they are working in different way, educate parents

  • Yosa (pluswitness waste management) : transportation cost might be problem

Amin: feedback to participant’s projects

  • Prachnda (public Toilet): need to get the no. of people, price and total revenue model of business, need to project total market size, how they can fund your business

  • Pragya (rescue dogs): don’t care about human(e.g. biker) and traffic, no mention of monetary damage, advertising still weird, think of lighter capital cost, data must go to the problem as well, cash the problem, mention revenue model, why in the business, organization of data

  • Sajana Badel (CHECKiNN Champak Namuna Home): organize the flow, put it on touristic map, arrange the service, see the program (see the activities, proper mapping of revenue model, how you are competing with the competitors,

  • Shashank (Honey Business in Nepal): traditional way, team with the flow chart (advisor, mentors, marketers etc if missing say about recruit)

  • Yosa (PlusWitness Waste Management): need to improve body language, show the picture if there is pain, one year revenue, cost and profit projection, flowchart of team, rupees wise value chain,

  • Kranti (organic farming): team is still missing, what does mean linking( e.g. customer to farmer) still not clear, cost projection is still missing, no specific about competitors, need to put market size in no., specific market selection, how you gonna spend the fund


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Monday 28th


After quite a long trip, including cancelled flight and a couple of stopovers in random places, I have finally arrived in Kathmandu


I am meeting the other members of INNOCO Team, composed of Yunsun, who I had the pleasure to meet in Montreal last summer and offered me the job, Joanne and Michael I previously met on Skype and Rob, I hadn’t got the chance to meet as of yet. I also get introduced to the former Bootcamp participants today, fully active members of the NYC (Nepal Youth Cluster). The amount of work these people are putting in all together to bring positive change is truly beautiful and inspiring. Despite being younger than me, the members of the cluster are totally professionals and up to the task of welcoming new promising members in their group of social innovators. 


My role during the pre-Bootcamp, Bootcamp and post-Bootcamp is fairly simple. I may not be «The one who watches», aka Michael behind his camera (and sometimes in front of it, when he shoots with the amazing 360º camera), I get to be the Coyote. 


Dear Lord, I hear you say. What kind of job is that? 


The one you actually get to sit in a corner, listening and seeing everything, but most importantly, drawing everything. And this second INNOCO Bootcamp will sure bring its lot of stories and adventures, as well as beautiful shared moments, full of good energies and emotions. Rest assured I will do my best to faithfully illustrate them for you!


But let’s go back to our business. 


Despite all of us being exhausted, we shared a wonderful Nepali dinner before heading straight to bed. 




 Tuesday started beautifully as we had the pleasure to have Mahabir Pun joining us over in order to prepare his opening speech for the bootcamp. 



Finally, after 4 days of intensive pre-Bootcamp work, everything is ready to welcome our new participants!


Day 1 has finally arrived! Stay tuned!