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Day 4 - Today, after an interesting speech from Prashant Singh, our guest of the day, the participants are invited to reflect on their own projects. 



Despite being aware of the challenges ahead of them, everyone is highly motivated. Groups are forming, people started working together and ideas fused. 

Prasant Sir's Speech notes by Soraj

  • Asking participant whole three days in one word, great word but how do you make it into reality

  • Talking about Nepal: one of the poorest country in the world

  • Talking about gross happiness of Nepal pretty much high but why in low in economic, and social innovation

  • This generation feels like educated but not into reality due to because of source of information they got

  • Internalize the information then only you can get the knowledge, externalize the knowledge then you get the wisdom

  • Talking about history which gave the innovation; 18th century industrial revolution, renaissance , green revolution

  • Knowledge leads to conviction, conviction leads to social entrepreneurship and it leads to solve social problem

  • Social entrepreneurship is something that provide solution to social problem

  • Giving an example of Mahmud Yunus

  • Main point: Listen to others

  • Three things that HCI does: Educate, Demonstrate and Advocate

  • HCI is running  12 start-up project: social, environmental and economical friendly, It is all different of all connected