UNC (UAE-Nepal-Connect) MENTORSHIP: This mentorship is an effort to follow-up of UNC2017 to improve the mentoring ecosystem to assist the youth on their changemaker journeys. The purpose of this mentorship is to support project ideas since UNC2016. It’s our hope that through this informal mentorship opportunity, changemakers path will be strengthened and step forward towards realizing their projects.  Mentee’s learning and stories are expected to share in UNC2018 reunion and documentary interviews.

Mentorship Expectations: It’s a short-term commitment to support the current idea/project that each mentee will pursue to learn and grow with their project in summer 2018. The mentorship might continue if both parties desire.

Mentor to
- Offer 1-2 times video or chat communication via skype/messenger
- Provide specialized guidance to a mentee, according to their capacity
- Give constructive feedback on discussed areas 

Mentee to
- Be professional and respectful.mindful of  mentor’s time and effort
- Communicate clearly and be proactive in addressing areas of needs and wants
- Be accountable for deploying your project according to mentor’s advice in consultative manner
- Introduce yourself with who you are and what projects is about, why you want to make it happen, what help you need via email or messenger/whatsapp
- Arrange the first video chat about 30-45 min next week
- Figure out action plan during the conversation
- Follow-up what’s planned
- Plan a second meeting if needed
- Send a thank you message to your mentor and kindly ask if you can continue the mentor=mentee relationship
- Share what your learning/stories with NYI and INNOCO in UNC2018 Reunion

For both parties to be professional in communication and seek the advice of INNOCO / NYI if consultation is required upon a matter.