"It was great to meet with three friends, Rohit, Anuza and Pratigya here at our place on Friday. They all were excited to start teaching and their group have come up with the idea to organize the camp for a group of students at one of the school in Kathmandu. And they have already approached to that school. So they wanted to know about how to begin the program with that particular group of 11- 15 years old students. My suggestion for them was to make them friend first and become close to them so they will feel to share everything they have in their mind with the trainers. I also said to them that that is the most important age group as well as most critical to handle. So they will not listen your speech for long time therefore you need to find the way to make them happy. So I taught them a few craft such as making origami paper flower, candy basket and butterfly made out of paper. I hope to see them again." said Prabha