Sandip Poudel, Elham Team Lead from Helvetas generously offer his support INNOCO and NYC. He kindly suggested that INNOCO and NYC might use a road map that Helvetas has developed and successfully implementing to produce entrepreneurs. Knowing that most of organizations in SICO are willing to support for NYC and UNC projects, INNOCO propose that we integrate Helvetas process within SICO as a pilot project. Helvetas process is a social innovation system that we can continue to explore the effectiveness and impact through a pilot project, supporting NYC and UNC (UAE-Nepal-Connect)2017 social enterprises. The following process is being proposed by INNOCO and Sandip verbally agreed to proceed the followings;

  1. Helvetas (Sandip Paudel) will train Pabitra (NYC) and Shashank (API Solution with Honey) to go through Helvetas 7-steps to bring idea to social biz.

  2. These 2 people will be certified as BIZ DEVELOPMENT SERVICE PROVIDER in 6-8 months.

  3. Simultaneously, trained service provider, Pabitra and Shashank will disseminate their knowledge and experience to other fellow youth innovators. UNC 8 projects will be assisted by NYC and SICO: A few collaboratives are already committed to mentor these groups.