Monday 12th The bootcamp may be over, but there is no time to rest for the NYC team. Today Yunsun and Joanne organized a meeting with some important players in the Nepali entrepreneurial and social landscape. The aim of this Think Tank was to organize what is coming next for social innovation in Nepal and look for mentorship opportunities for the NYC 2016.

Yunsun and Joanne started by presenting INNOCO and the challenges and led the meeting. 

Multiple guests from different organization and initiatives accepted the invitation and Bahar from Communiteres Nepal kindly offered their local to host the assembly. 

NYCthen prensented their project. They started by sharing their stories giving the background context and then explaining their mission. Their goal would be to help the youth realizing their passion: bringing change through the youth, through the creation of a community in INNOCO’s steps.

Productive discussion to move ideas forward followed. Everybody seemed interested in the idea of joining forces to ensure the continuity of social innovation and nurturing an ecosystem of contacts and resources. 

After a fantastic Dal Bhat lunch, we are invited to visit the Nepal Innovation Lab nearby in Patan. The place is an amazing open space that instantly makes you want to work there. Aradhana Gurung, the lead manager of the Lab, explained us the functioning of the NGO and encouraged the NYC to come share and work on their ideas whenever they want. 

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