After 9 hectics days, this bootcamp has finally reached its end. 

Yusun and Joanne prepared us one last group activity before the final pitching. Each participant taped a sheet of paper on his/her back and, in turn, they all write nice things on each others back. The result is a playful and reflective 30 minutes giving everyone the energy to face the pitching.



Professionnals social entrepreneurs and businessmen from the Nepali scene had come to the ICA to listen to the participants' pitches and provide their experience and feedback during the event.

Our Prachi is once again doing a fantasic job as the ceremony master for the closing ceremony. She is then followed by Saurav Dhakal. 



The efforts of the last two days paid off and everyone gave tremendous presentations. After an emotional thank you tour full of gifts and pictures, the ceremony reached its end and it's time to say goodbye. After 9 days together parting feels weird but for the INNOCO team and the NYC 2016, lot of work has yet to be done!



6 jury were invited to evaluate the pitch presentation from our partners and collaborators network. All participants had a opportunity to network with potential mentors and investors. 

Pitch Preparation Notes by Saroj

  • Amin: validate customer need, understand customer needs like customer segment 1: their need and problem, customer segment 2: their need and problem,

  • social business story presentation by participant about their

  • UNC 2017 Projects

    • Prachanda:  Sanitation Nepal (1)

    • Yosa Nepal: Plus Witness Waste Management (2)

    • Sajana: Champak Namuna

    • Pragya: Rescue Stray Dog

    • Shashank: API solution Nepal

    • Sakshi: Empower with Beauty

    • Pratigya: Build Your Confidence

    • Deepika team: Be creative

    • Kranti and jyoti: Organic farm

  • Amin: service prototyping using lego

  • Hardik (HCI): (Example of Hamri DiDi Bahini: collect women (marginalised, skilled women) and their product which is environment friendly and sell them to the market to sustain the business), presentation about how social business affect the economy of the country, how it helps to make society a better place (e.g. bangladesh waste management), global efforts to protect environment (ban plastic bag), Strategies: 1. Awareness program flashmob, street event, pledge/petition campaign, rally,  going different college, offices and organization to get support from them, petition from students, 2. Alternatives 3. Incentives, 4. Business case ( FNCCI, Business organization) getting help from them, 5. Policy dialogue( talking with government)

  • Should be patient

  • Amin: business model space: forces outside the business that impact  the business 1.industry forces: level of competition, fear of new entrants which divide the market share, substitute products and services 2. Market forces: market issues, market segments, needs and demands, switching costs which is big pain for existing customers, revenue attractiveness 3. Key trends: (increasing and decreasing) technology trends, regulatory trends (changing policy), societal  and cultural trends,, socio-economic trends (e.g. capital movement),

  • Amin: Growth and Development, relation between revenue, time and market, explaining story flow of business,

  • Amin: explain how to present yourself like how to move, grab the attention, show your skills, improve body language, make clear and influenciable tone (pitch High when there is a issue and low tone ), good play with word

  • Amin: Investors are pessimists because they are taking risk, importance of team (someone good with marketing, some with finance), synchronizing each business activities to work efficiently and effectively