Here we are ! This NYC 2017 Bootcamp has officially started!


Day 1 consisted in the welcoming of the participants and the introduction of the facilitators during a typical Nepali ceremony.



In turn, each facilitator was given a traditional scarf by one the 2016 NYC participants. These young adults, Monica, Prachi, Pabitra, Sauraj, Bijay, Shishix, and Shaheera, worked all year long voluntarily in collaboration with INNOCO to make this 2017 Bootcamp happened. 

After this joyful emotional moment, Mahabir Pun graces us with an inspirant opening speech, followed by Yunsun, INNOCO’s unflagging investigator.



Then, Joanne and Yunsun invite each of the participants to «check in» the Bootcamp, introducing themselves and entering the program with body and soul. One could already feel the positive energy flowing! 



Michael and Robert also gave a talk, the first one about the power of storytelling and the latest about his journey as a visionary entrepreneur in renewable energy design and architecture.


  • Joanned explained how we operate the camp and conclude the whole session of the day. Yunsun talked about  programming and the schedule. She told all the INNOCO team about their time of facilitation throughout the time. Yunsun sat down to talk to Michael and Marriane about the documentary part. Joanne took the NYC team and told all of us about our jobs. Follow up to all the participants by Pabitra and Saroj.

  • Registration process of all participant by Monica, Praachi, Shaheera, Pabitra, Saroj and Joanne at the reception.

  • Profile wall made by all participant guided by Sara.

  • Meeting ( Mr. Bikram Pun, Yunsun, Robert)

  • Lunch

Opening ceremony by Prachi

  • Facilitation and welcoming the INNOCO team by NYC.

  • Introduction to INNOCO and social innovation by Yunsun and Joanne. A short overview about why is the bootcamp being organized.

  • Joanne took over to welcome youths and Sara facilitated for the laws of lands.

  • Laws of lands- Be punctual, equality and accepting differences, freedom, good vibes, playful registration session, goal oriented, support, celebrating  experiences, improvise ideas, minimalism and responsibilities, relax and fun, realistic optimistic, no judgement, job delegation, explore and respect ideas, active listening, collaboration, transforming weakness into strength, love power of learning, cultural difference and acceptance, one mic one giver, live creative, be happy, commitment. Cleanliness and hygiene, love and compassion

  • Yunsun: 1. explaining roadmap to social innovation (create clear mission and idea to make something to deliver to make change), social innovative business 2. Explaining expected outcamp from bootcamp (defining nyc and grow it)

  • Sara: Check in the land of transformation game, yes and no game

  • Joanne: pie of life of game (4:17 pm)(meaning of the game is to realize the where we are and what we need to change to overcome with the problem

  • Tea time for 20 minutes.

  • Video session among three groups led by Michael.

  • Joanne had a meeting with the NYC team if there's’ any problem out there.

  • Yunsun facilitated ME=WE game. The objective was to make everyone realize that we are all one.

  • There has been some problems with the participants in their involvement in activities.

  • There had been extra people without the prior notice which brought up some real problems and disturbances.

  • Karma approached to add some sessions in the morning to teach spirituality.