Main objective: zero food waste in UAE

Survey questions for investigation: •Restaurant / university / school / hotels•

1. How would you describe the level of food preparation? ( ready to serve/ part prepared/ unprepared)
2. what do you do with extra food from the plates?
3. what do you do with the fruits and vegetables when you have excessive?
4. What do you do with the food on display when it expires or get rotten?
5. What do you think we should provide to eliminate food waste?
6. To what extend are you aware of the impact of food waste in environment, economy and society?
7. From your experience how can we aware people about food waste?
8. In what process you think you waste more food? ( over ordering/ food spoilage/ preparation and cooking/ plate waste/ serving and portion)
9. What are the obstacles of reducing waste at your place?
10. Do you have a strategy to allocate food waste?( donation/ bins/ software or app toolkit...)

•Fruits and vegetables market•

1. What is the source of your food supply?
2. How long does it take you for transporting the food?
3. What happen to fruits and vegetables that you don't sell?
4. What is the amount of extra food you throw daily?
5. From your experience how can we aware people about food waste

•Fish market•
1. How many ton of fish you produce each day?
2. Explain your process of fishing? (Transporting/ selling/ eliminating)
3. How many tons of fish you sell/ waste each day?
4. What happen to fish and seafood in general when you don't sell?
5. From your experience what do you think you can enhance to eliminate less waste and less expenses eventually?
6. Do you think food waste bin is good and why?

1. Do you have excess food at home?
2. Do you recycle food waste? Yes/No Are interested to do so?
3. Do you think food waste bin is a good option?
4. How do you think we can stop wasting food?
5. Do you use your leftover? Or what do you do with it?
6. How you plan your main meals before shopping?

Yunsun's reply: Noora and the team: Great progress! I would suggest the followings:
1. Refine the question that your social enterprise will answer
e.g., How might we achieve Zero Food Waste IN UAE? 
>> How might we build a Social Enterprise(SE) to showcase Zero Waste Food system in UAE?
>> How might we change citizens' behaviors to Zero Food Waste in UAE?
>> How might we increase XXX's income while running this SE?

2. Refine interview questions from the list generated already. Ask UYC innovators that who is going to where and when (Action Plan- ask Ahmed or Sajeda. They have done great job with the plan). 2 people should go out together to interview. 

3. Gov. want to build a sustainable city. I would add municipality personals to interview: in the waste management department. Find out what are their pains.

4. During interview, trust that your quest will be guided. You are the doctor to relieve the pains that society has with food waste. Imagine the daily life of zero waste?! Have faith in what you do and go out to the real world : ) 

5. Everyone can share the interview findings here as recording, taking photos, and making notes. Share WE WERE SURPRIZE TO FIND OUT XXXX. We can all discuss IT MIGHT MEANS THAT and IT WOULD BE GAME CHANGE in the chat.