Through an application process, selected youth will form a youth cluster that will go through the workshop & activity series leading to a self-sustaining action group and network post-program. 


The 10 modules under 5 workshop titles is designed to enable youth to become Social Entrepreneurs, Community Builders and/or Facilitators. Participants will engage in needs-finding research, learn social innovation tools, co-design project briefs and build a network. 


Workshop 01 | 2 Modules | Creative Confidence : Experience a paradigm shift to a confident space to explore concepts of trust, re-building identity, power of empathy and passion to create an 'engine' for social innovation. Begin to understand the relationship between self and society by building creative confidence and learning of case-studies of design thinking process. 

  • Module 1.1   / 29 OCT 2016 / 10am - 5pm 
  • Module 1.2 / 05 NOV 2016 / 10am - 5pm 

Workshop 02 | 2 Modules | Co-Designing Toolbox : Reflect on Workshop 01 through a lens of value and questioning the relationship of humanity and empathy. Learn social innovation tools such as best practice analysis, needs finding, persona mapping, storytelling and social impact model to begin the process of creating a socially minded idea towards a sustainable business. 

  • Module 2.1  / 19 NOV 2016 / 10am - 5pm 
  • Module 2.2 / 10 DEC 2016 / 10am - 5pm 

Workshop 03 | 2 Modules | Building Prototype : Review toolbox and ideas generated form Workshop 02 and experience a co-desing process of how to prototype, test, and restructure your socially innovative ideas. Get acquainted with invited experts in the field to enable constructive feedback and guidance to develop solutions for the impact model. 

  • Module 3.1 / XX JAN 2017 / 10am - 5pm 
  • Module 3.2 / XX JAN 2017 / 10am - 5pm 

Workshop 04 | 2-3 Modules | Plan and Pitch Projects :  Develop a refined version of the innovative idea towards a business plan and learn skills on how to pitch and present projects to local investors or government for further development. 

  • Module 4.1 / XX FEB 2017 / 10am - 5pm 
  • Module 4.2 / XX FEB 2017 / 10am - 5pm

Workshop 05 | 2-3 Modules | Becoming Facilitators : This is an optional training where participants are given the opportunity to learn and practice to  facilitate the INNOCO workshops for other youth locally or globally. 

  • Module 5.1 / XX MAR 2017 / 10am - 5pm 
  • Module 5.2 / XX MAR 2017 / 10am - 5pm 

Workshop 02
Workshop 03
Workshop 04
Workshop 05


ACTIVITY SERIES is created as a form of community engagement on a monthly bases, within the scope of workshop outcomes or ideas generated during the workshops. This fosters a path of practice, extended dialogue, ownership of action and community involvement. As building radical collaboration, we seek to support other like-minded organizations’ activities within our local community. Activities may take the form of:

  • Film screenings
  • Pecha Kucha evenings
  • Public service

LOCAL & INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS is an area where youth who have developed their own ideas through the INNOCO program can work on locally based social entrepreneurial outcomes with assistance from INNOCO partners and mentors. 

On the other hand youth are given the opportunity to work with youth from other countries to co-design, facilitate and organise a bootcamp as a submissive-time-framed project. 

#AreYouIn for building your creative confidence towards social innovation?