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Learn about the results of INNOCO’s work and how we continue to deepen our overall community impact



Learn about the results of INNOCO’s work and how we continue to deepen our overall community impact

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The impacts of INNOCO’s work have been captured through rich qualitative narratives gathered during individual interviews with program participants and through surveys and feedback forms following the program workshop modules. When combined, the qualitative and quantitative data tells a powerful story of the impacts of social innovation and of cultivating changemakers in local communities.

What did people have to say?

A quick overview of the quantitative data gathered shows that the program was highly rated by participants especially in the areas of bootcamp environment and culture and in how comfortable participants felt in providing feedback and inputs. These were really important areas for us as we attempted to create a learning culture that valued co-design where youth can contribute to the process as much as possible.

Program Participant Feedback

survey scale 5=excellent / 1=unsatisfactory

But numbers are only half the story, in one-on-one interviews conducted six-months following the sessions, participants highlighted the importance of the soft skills that they gained from the program as critical in helping them realize their social enterprise projects and their self-driven goals community change.

UNC 2017 means a lot for me. It has always been a milestone for my leadership development. It has bolstered confidence in me to take leadership initiative in different situations. I have emerged as the problem solving, inspiring and energetic, enthusiastic leader at my work.
— Subodh Pandey
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The bootcamp session has really changed my life. It was my first time to participate and the nine days stay with different social innovators and proper guidance from facilitators has molded me into a better version of myself
— Sajana Bhadel
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UNC 2017 acted like fuel to turn my thoughts into action. I’m able to witness the impact of boot camp in my thinking process and in my courage to take contingent action in my work life. The most powerful thing I have been practically applying in my life is the value proposition canvas and essence teamwork.
— Anuja Niroula
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UNC experiences made me more strong, skillful and capable to do more work. My vision is to work so that youth can get the exposure and build themselves in each sector. I want to achieve youth engagement in every sector creating innovative ideas for social good.
— Pabitra Mahji