Yunsun Chung-Shin       Founder, Zayed University, Dubai

Yunsun Chung-Shin is a visual design educator, researcher, and community builder focusing on empowerment of young generations. She has designed and facilitated numerous empathy-driven, design-thinking workshops for youth since 2009, locally and internationally; INNOCO, GYEM and tasmena (international, community-based not-for-profit design association), which are UAE based initiatives. INNOCO is a current initiative, set-up in collaboration with UAE youth and professionals in the industry as a platform for youth to become social entrepreneurs through a workshop and activity based programme. She was partner and co-founder of GYEM (Global Youth Empowerment) from 2009-2015, developing youth empowerment workshops in the UAE. She designed several multimedia interactive educational tools and has worked in the e-learning industry for eight years serving clients including IBM, Coke, Lilly and Company, and universities developing online learning tools in USA. Seedmine was servicing international clients in San Diego from 2001-2003. She taught graphic design at Eastern New Mexico University from 2003-6. She earned her BFA degree in Visual Communication Design from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea and MFA in Multimedia Graphic Design from Indiana State University in USA. Currently she is an associate professor teaching graphic design in the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises at Zayed University (ZU) in Dubai, UAE. She is leading a research cluster at ZU on Designing Food Revolution For Social Change.

Joanne Pereira                Program Coordinator, Zayed University, Dubai

Joanne Pereira Renaux is an art educator and arts manager for various projects held in Dubai, UAE. Her B.F.A and M.Ed. were received from Maryland Institute, College of Art (MICA), USA in 2004. She taught and held the Head of Arts position for Emirates International School, Meadows between 2005-2010. Understanding the need to bridge art education and the emerging art and design platforms in Dubai, she joined thejamjar, an art space, in 2011 as Creative Learning Manager to develop public art programs and an artist residency. This initiated projects with Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Sikka (Art Dubai) and ISEA2014 (Zayed University). She currently teaches at Zayed University, College of Arts and Creative Enterprises and freelancer on art management projects.

Valeria Bidol                    Operations & Finance Coordinator

Sara Shedid                      Youth Cluster Coordinator and Facilitator

Donya Saberi                    Researcher and Facilitator 

Shirin Mehri                      Researcher and Facilitator

Adrian Permal                  Documentary Consultant & Videographer

Natasha Hajee                 Social Media Coordinator

Amina Al Mazoorei          Media Assistant & UAE Youth Ambassador

Abigail Saldanha             Activity Series Coordinato

Amin Matni                      Consultant, Qatar Business Incubation Center, Qatar

Peter Martin                     Consultant, Virginia Commonwealth University, Qatar

Elizabeth Monoian          Consultant, Land Art Generator Initiative, USA

Robert Ferry                     Consultant, Land Art Generator Initiative, USA

Keshab D. Thapaliya       Nepal Coordinator


INNOCO Yunsun Chung-Shin, Director & Main Facilitator : Design educator, practitioner, community builder, currently associate professor in the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises at the Zayed University in Dubai, UAE. Joanne Pereira Renaux, Manager & Main Facilitator : Fine Art educator, community enthusiast and currently teaching at Zayed University, College of Arts and Creative Enterprises in Dubai UAE. Marianne Bruyeres, Illustrator and Documentary Coordinator : A freelance illustrator and traveler.

LEADERSHIP CORNER Abdus Miya, Founder: Aayami Sapkota, Program Coordinator: Operations and program coordinator for the Nepal team.

UAE YOUTH CLUSTER: Sara Shedid (Facilitator), Shirin Mehri (Facilitator), Aisha Khalid (UAE Ambassador).

NEPAL YOUTH CLUSTER: PaBitra Majhi (Program Assistant & Excursions) Monica Amatya (Finance), Shaheera Pandey (Logistics), Bijay Sunar (Social Media & Applications), , Saroj Basnet (Sponsorship & Network), Prachi Badu (Sponsorship & Operations).


SHERAA | Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center ( Sheraa takes aspiring entrepreneurs on an exciting journey to inspire and support them as they establish their businesses. The centre offers pre-accelerator and accelerator programs for people with an idea, and the passion to turn it into a business. 

THEJAMJAR ( Founded in 2005, thejamjar is a community arts space that works to promote artists and support the development of Dubai’s arts scene through its extensive arts programme, educational initiatives, and community projects. The studio and project space offers the region’s first Public DIY Painting Studio alongside a year round exhibition and events calendar presenting a diverse range of art forms, including visual art, film, music, theatre and more.

LAGI, LAND ART GENERATOR INITIATIVE ( The strategic objective of the Land Art Generator Initiative is to advance the successful implementation of sustainable design solutions by integrating art and interdisciplinary creative processes into the conception of renewable energy infrastructure. The LAGI project can be subdivided into five main areas of focus: events & design competition, education, outreach, the construction of aesthetic renewable energy infrastructure, and providing a platform for research, development, innovation, and emerging clean technologies.

GYEM, Global Youth Empowerment ( A youth-powered social enterprise, offering cutting-edge programs that empower young people to launch social ventures in their communities by experiencing hands-on innovation, self discovery and social entrepreneurial skills.


HCI: Prashant Singh (Founder) and Bivishka Bhandari (Marketing), Hardik Subedi (Youth Representative)

Helvetas: Sandip Paudel (Manager)

ICA Training Center: Sudip Koirala (Founder)

Nepal Communitere: Bahar Kumar, Aarati Joshi

Nepal Innovation Lab (World Vision International): Suyog Chalise, Aradhana Gurung (Aru) (Lead Manager)

Nepal National Innovation Center: Mahabir Pun

Nepal Youth Innovators: Monica Amatya, Sheheera Pandey, Saroj Basnet, Bijay Sunar, Pabitra Majhi, Pracchi Badu

Prabha Chaudhary: Program Director of Teacher Training Program in Nepal

Story Cycle: Saurav Dhakal


QBIC: Amin Matni

LAGI: Elizabeth and Robert

Changemaker Central at Arizona State University: Pooja Addla Hari

INNOCO: Yunsun Chung Shin(Professor/Initiator) and Joanne Renaux (Professor/Initiator)